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Blessing of Te Punanga O Te Rangimarie 10 November 2018

If you have been following our journey, over the last two years, and the realisation of our project, Te Punanga O Te Rangimarie, you will be pleased to know that our property was blessed on Saturday 10 November.

The Rev Raniera Bassett (The Berries) accepted our request to lead the day’s event did so with much aroha (love) and thanks from us. He and his lovely wife Rangimarie arrived at Te Punanga on the Friday, the day before the event, in order to prepare for the big day.

Some korero (discussion) took place around the kaupapa (plan) and what we want to achieve with the property, in this special area that is the Maratoto Valley. We talked about the three awa (rivers) that come together below the property as well as the wairua (spirit) from our maunga (mountain)…Maratoto Rock…our protector.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny with the promise of a clear and beautiful day. This proved to be the case, with the Maratoto putting on exceptional weather for the event.

Guests started to arrive from 1200 onwards with the intention of everyone meeting at the waharoa (main gate) at 1330 to commence formalities.

At 1330, The Berries got the ball rolling with blessing water that Franky had previously collected from the Maratoto River. The waharoa was then blessed, followed by Franky and Rangimarie inviting our guests through with the traditional karanga (call). We then walked the length of the main driveway to assemble outside our whare (house) to bless and name the Mauri (life force) for the property. The Mauri for Te Punanga is a piece of Maratoto Rock found on the property and carved by Tony. The Mauri was then blessed and named ‘Te Aroha O Maratoto’ (the love of Maratoto).

We then blessed and named the main whare ‘Te Punanga O te Rangimarie’ and followed The Berries through the front door, where he led the way for all guests, blessing all rooms within the whare. The last space to be blessed was Keegan’s area where ceremonies were completed with speeches and waiata (song).

A special thank you to Keegan and Carlos for the waiata ‘Glorify’ which was most fitting for the occasion and for the reply from Aunty Bev and David with the short waiata ‘Te Aroha’ which again was most fitting for the day.

Ceremonies were then concluded with all guests coming together for a BBQ and refreshments.

In closing we would like to acknowledge all who came and shared the day with us…special acknowledgement to The Berries and Rangimarie for facilitating a most fitting service which reflected our earlier korero and the kaupapa regarding Te Punanga. The service was conducted in both Te Reo and English with the Berries doing an outstanding job of translating and explaining.

I would also like to acknowledge the friends and family who made it for the day and in particular our neighbours for your support, friendship and for welcoming us to this very special place.


Lew, Franky and Keegan

‘Te aroha (Love)

Te whakapono (Faith)

Me te rangimarie (Peace)

Tatou tatou e (For us all)’

Note: videos of the event can be found on our Facebook page:

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